Day 5: Acceptance



There is something I have come to accept. I am not a “wonder woman” or a “superwoman”. Sorry if this disappoints some of you! I have come to realize; I don’t want the titles or the expectations that go with it. There is too much pressure to perform. I don’t desire to take on the world. It is not my calling nor my gifting. I am called to love; love my neighbor and love my enemies. I do this through hospitality in my home and community. The Inn @the Gate was created to be a place of peace. I can attend to the needs of those who come. Jesus asks us to take His yoke because it is easy. I am choosing to make that exchange. What about you? Will you partner with us? #Inn4ten 175 days 500 people $10/month. You can give at
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Day 4: Casting off

In Mark 10 we read about Bartimaeus. What do we know of him? He was blind. He sat and probably begged. We look at his outward appearance. Jesus knows what is going on inside. Bartimaeus calls out to Jesus. The crowd tries to shut him down, but he calls out louder. Jesus bids him to come. In order for Bartimaeus to go to Jesus, he has to cast off his cloak. What did his cloak represent? Was it shame, rejection, or something else? The Inn @the Gate was created with those who need help in removing the “cloak” of shame and so much more. #Inn4ten 176 days 500 people $10 a month. Share your love. Restore their passion. You can give at

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Day 3: No Power

No power. I had something else in mind. However, we lost electrical power. It can become this way, moving forward. Taking things for granted and then there is a flicker. You notice, but don’t pay attention – sleepless nights, moodiness. Little things become bigger things and a loss of joy. Then no “power” to continue. Jesus encourages us to come away. #Inn4ten $10 a month 500 people 177 days left.

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Day 2: Getting Away

Today there is the talk of self-care. In our society, we stay busy. We can forget we need to take time for ourselves. It has been considered selfish, but it is not. How can one care for someone if the caregiver first hasn’t cared for themselves? Luke 5:16 – “But He Himself would often slip away to the wilderness and pray.” is the example of Jesus.

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We have kicked off the #Inn4ten campaign. We are looking for 500 people to pledge $10 per month for 12 months in the next 180 days. The motto for this campaign is Share your love. Restore their passion.

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I Shall Fear No Evil


Fear Courage Buttons Showing Scary Or Unafraid

I had the opportunity to speak at the nursing home in our town last night. I can’t tell you how much I love being with these precious saints. We talked about fear. We all face fear. We, however, don’t have to allow it to control us. I was sharing about Jairus and his daughter. He came to Jesus concerned about his daughter’s sickness. He feared if Jesus didn’t return with him, she would die. Along the way to the house, a woman, discouraged with man’s ideas, felt she would be healed if she could just touch His garment. She didn’t need His attention though she did get it after she touched him. In the midst, Jairus’ daughter had died. The very thing he feared happened. Jesus looked at him and said, “Do not be afraid; just keep trusting (Mark 5:36 CEB). Jesus was telling Jairus he didn’t need to fear the death of his daughter. You know the rest of the story (or if you don’t you can check it out); Jesus puts out everyone except those closest to Him and her parents. He tells her to get up and restored back to her family. One other interesting note: the woman with the ailment had it for 12 years. Jairus’ daughter was 12. Selah.



Reflect, Clean, Move Forward

Recently I was challenged to do some clean up on my social media sites. I was getting bogged down with how to maintain contact with all of these contacts. Over the years, I have accumulated many business acquaintances. I would add them to my page thinking someday we would have a working Continue reading “Reflect, Clean, Move Forward”

Choosing to give thanks

Psalms 130:1 “Give thanks to the Lord for He is good: For His loving-kindness is everlasting.”

So much going around that is hurtful and sometimes hateful, we have decided to start November 1st with thanksgiving. We are coming upon the holidays when good cheer needs to be spread. We start with this verse because we have many reasons to give thanks. Today we are thankful for God’s goodness to our lives and our family’s lives. We are blessed beyond measure with 4 godly children, two godly daughter-in-loves and a godly son-in-love. We have 9 wonderful grandchildren. So today we are thankful for His goodness to us. #choosetobethankful.