What is in the air?

I have noticed over the last few weeks, months and even years that there has been a disheartening attitude over our country. Where it came from or where it wants to lead us I am not sure. Emotions have run high due to a fear that has been and is still being projected on to us as a nation.

As an individual, I had made the decision not to become involved in that fear. Fear as an emotion can lead a person to make wrong decisions which leads to wrong choices which can have long term effects if not dealt with.

I have read articles that make me wonder: does hope still exist in the hearts of people? I realize this question may make you pause. I hope it does. Our experiences often times make it difficult to see beyond it and the good that actually lies ahead. I am sure those of you reading have had difficult issues to face; death of a loved one, a bad health report, financial difficulties, children difficulties, etc. I could go on, but you know what I am talking about.

However, with all of this, I have a sense of hope rising. It is like the fog on a lake after a storm. You don’t really see it until it rises. And hope is rising in various forms. You may just have to look for it. The concept is not a new one. We just forget sometimes to do it. Look beyond our selves. Look out to see who just might be the person we need to help.

Hope doesn’t come just once a year. Hope becomes a lifestyle with every possibility at hand. Let me encourage you to allow hope to be the blanket that buoy’s your soul this season and in the New Year!



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