I Shall Fear No Evil


Fear Courage Buttons Showing Scary Or Unafraid

I had the opportunity to speak at the nursing home in our town last night. I can’t tell you how much I love being with these precious saints. We talked about fear. We all face fear. We, however, don’t have to allow it to control us. I was sharing about Jairus and his daughter. He came to Jesus concerned about his daughter’s sickness. He feared if Jesus didn’t return with him, she would die. Along the way to the house, a woman, discouraged with man’s ideas, felt she would be healed if she could just touch His garment. She didn’t need His attention though she did get it after she touched him. In the midst, Jairus’ daughter had died. The very thing he feared happened. Jesus looked at him and said, “Do not be afraid; just keep trusting (Mark 5:36 CEB). Jesus was telling Jairus he didn’t need to fear the death of his daughter. You know the rest of the story (or if you don’t you can check it out); Jesus puts out everyone except those closest to Him and her parents. He tells her to get up and restored back to her family. One other interesting note: the woman with the ailment had it for 12 years. Jairus’ daughter was 12. Selah.



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