Partners of The Gate of Heaven

We want to thank and bless those companies who have partnered with us on this journey.  Please consider patronizing them as a way of helping us say thank you.

We Make Your Business Story Shine Online!

Davenport eCommerce is there to help you put your business in front of a global audience!  Maybe you don’t have the time or perhaps you don’t have the knowledge to get your amazing business on the internet.  That’s where Davenport eCommerce comes in.  There are many ways we can market your business.  No matter the size, every business needs an internet presence. We can help you develop and maintain your website, develop a social media marketing strategy, build and keep your online reputation, or help place your products on the web. We can feature your products through one of our existing brands, market it to Amazon or eBay marketplaces or create your very own branded online store.

The National Caregivers Library is one of the most extensive online libraries for caregivers that exists today.

Hundreds of articles, forms, checklists and links to topic-specific external resources, are organized into logical categories that appear on the left side of each page. Click any category for a list of sub-categories. These lead to lists of articles and other resources. Simply continue “drilling down” until you find what you need. is the place to go when buying or selling a home or land in Central VA.

Looking for a home in another state? We also do nationwide and international referrals.



Lift the stigma, Erase the shame Be aware, Share hope,            Find your purpose,  Stop suicide

Our vision is to help as many people as possible know that they are not alone in their struggles and pain; whether they have battled with suicide themselves or know someone who has. There is a purpose to every human life. We want to help people realize that so they may find the drive in their own life. For those who have lost someone to suicide – we would like to help them know what stages they will go through, that they are natural, and how to find their “new normal.”




More Than Networking

PRO Founder, and Business Relationship Coach Mike Short, had a vision for connecting people. An experienced networker, with over 17 years building businesses through networking, and 10 years mentoring individuals and organized groups on how to network successfully, Mike saw a need to create something different. In 2006, he did just that when forming PRO.